Tattoo by Cozzi

Cozzi (Costas Farkonas) , was born in Athens Greece in 1972, where he lived until the age of 22. Then, in 1994, he relocated to Cyprus.

At the age of 16  he did his first tattoo on himself, with a hand made tattoo gun. From then on he had the love of tattoo graved in his heart, not knowing that one day this is the path he will follow for the rest of his life.

In early 1998  he met Mark, a tattooist from  England, who holidayed in Cyprus every year. Hanging around with him and thus becoming good friends, made Mark realize Cozzi’s love for tattoos and so, he offered him the chance to learn the art of tattooing in England by his side. He gave him three months to pack his bags and move to England…but  things  are not always as planed and he received a call from Mark telling him that it can’t be done anymore because he had some personal problems. This was a very big disappointment for Cozzi , but since the idea of learning tattoo had already entered his mind, nothing could stand in his way. Without  today’s technology to research where and with whom to learn this art (at that time, there were only very few tattoo artists on the island) he had to find a place where to learn on his own.





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