Ratliner Tattoo

Almost two years after taking into his hands his first tattoo machine – two years of reinventing, rejuvenating and rediscovering by steady and professional means, not only his tattoos, but himself as an artist and illustrator, Pantelis Michellis has brought together ever piece of his artwork on skin, under the name of Ratliner.

Specialising mainly in blackwork tattoos, his touch has a more than apparent dark feel, tone and ink to it, bringing in intricate dotwork, etching and heavy blackwork techniques and designs to the forefront.

While the tattoo scene in Cyprus had experienced an overwhelming and inspiring growth in artists, artistry and originality, Ratliner gas taken on the blessing and burden of setting himself apart from day one with his style and uniquely custom made tattoos for each client, leaving his own smudge of black ink on the industry. The permanent kind.


Tel: 99 758233
Email: ratlinertattoo@gmail.com

Website: instagram.com/ratliner_tattoo

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