The Ink Emporium

Established in 2012 and based on Tomb of the Kings Road, Kato Paphos, opposite KFC …
Andy Thompson, aka ‘Poach’ … originally coming out of Leicester, England, opening The ink emporium after working as a tattoo artist for 4 years in the UK, Learning his profession in several acclaimed studios, Poach is now without doubt one of the leading tattoo artists in Cyprus,

After learning his Piercing skills Poach then extended the service to the endless portfolio of services

The studio is fully air conditioned … With literally thousands of designs to choose from including … New and Old Skool . Script . Japanese . Black ‘n’ Grey shade . Cover Ups . Custom Designs . and Specialising in Freehand, which is an amazing talent that requires awesome illustration skills …

Speaking both English and Greek he offers a personal service to each individual client … so, Andy prefers to sit you down with a coffee to discuss exactly what you want offering advise and suggestions to make sure you leave 100% satisfied …

Assuring that all his equipment is fully sterilised and that he conforms fully with British Health & Hygiene Standards … You’ll be welcomed into a friendly atmosphere with some cool background sounds to help dull the screams … but seriously if you’re into ‘Ink’ make sure you pop in to meet him…


Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday
Summer: 10.30 am ’til 7 pm
Winter: 11 am ’til 5 pm
Out of hours by appointment only …
Contacts – 96554386

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