Black Volt is…Nicole

Nicole – Black Volt was raised inside a tattoo studio as she is daughter of one of the pioneers of Cyprus tattooing.
Her influences and nature was destined to guide her to an artistic & rebellious path
Her Father could not avoid the pressure of his teenage daughter begging for her first tattoo. As a Father & then a proper tattoo artist he declined and recommended that she should wait until she turned eighteen.
Her teenage riot though could not be tamed and right before she turned the age she found elsewhere the inked salvation.

From there on the journey was settled. She travelled the world looking for inspiration, visiting tattoo artists, getting inked & combining her other love…travelling and music, festivals & live concerts.
Dire Strait are one of the bands she lived and grew up with most and to proof how dedicated fan she was, she got a tattoo with the lyrics of her favourite song a few hours before she actually went to their last concert!

Her love for arts pushed her for the next step of her life, deciding to become an illustrator and going up to London, at the Middlesex University for her Degree.When she came back to Cyprus full of experiences she could not avoid fate.
Her father gave her his basic tattoo gear for her to experiment and from there on it came natural.
She made her first tattoo on her mother while the radio was playing on the background classic rock jams. The ideal setup for the rock & tattoo family to give the sceptre to the younger age.

After some years of travelling she moved in Miami for almost 2 years where she found a studio to have an apprenticeship on tattooing and learn the techniques of safe practicing of the craft. Once this was completed she moved back to Cyprus and rendered a place to start practicing and making tattoos on her friends, then friends of friend’s starter asking for tattoos.
The demand kept growing when she decided to open officially her practice place as a tattoo studio & continue the legacy.

She is one of the new age tattoo artists in Cyprus, in an industry run mostly from men. She is truly gifted & artistic as it runs in her veins.
Nicole considers Cypriot tattoo artists to be very talented and the future seems promising. The competitiveness helped artists to try more & evolve, with having guest artists & travelling themselves abroad, having conventions here on the island and all this with the help of the people making tattoo a mainstream thing nowadays.

From my short experience with her i found her to be a very calm & enjoyable person to hang out but you could also know from her Spotify playlist played, while she was tattooing me, that there is a rebel inside.

Overall it was like a psychotherapy session with Nicole leaving the place calm & fulfilled.

Will sure meet again for another session!

For inquiries drop an email with your idea, placement and size on or send a private message on Facebook including some image references.

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