Divine Sanctum Parlor

The Divine Sanctum has been created out of just a spark, from an old soul and a vision.

Living in a world where society dictates the rules and the truth has to be hidden, where one’s sanity is driven to its limits by the need to stay masked, the need for an honest, creative and beautiful outlet was strongly felt. The need for uniqueness and something beautiful, something.. divine.

Created by a unique individual with a different vision, Divine Sanctum has as its primary goal to help set one’s soul to shine. Through art – be that be body art, body modification or fashion choices.
Simple and beautiful.

A place for all unique, all creative and anything art. Go by the shop to get a new tattoo to remind you of an experience in your life you never want to forget, or just to look around at beautiful  clothing & accessories that will help you express yourself.

Share your vision, exhibit or join their team as an apprentice – their’re open to new ideas, to new experiences and new light.Where there is no vision, there is no hope.
And it’s their aim to keep on evolving, growing and changing.

Divine Sanctum is now operating under its trademark at Kyriakou Matsi 14 , Agios Dometios , Nicosia-Cyprus


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